Slovak Matchmaking Fair Košice 2017
Amurex GM Hungária Kft.

Amurex GM Hungária Kft.

Hungary, Budaörs
Mr. Péter Szabolcs, General manager

About Us

Our company, Amurex GM Hungária Ltd. (Budaörs Food Allergy Specialist Store) has a decade worth of experience in distributing and marketing gluten-free products. We began baking our own bread and pastries five years ago, continuously adjusting to the needs of the market. Our range of products is outstanding in the gluten-free market since their taste and consistency are the closest to the world of regular pastries. We are the exclusive supplier of gluten-free products for Lipóti Pékség, Príma Pék, and several other bio-shops. Our products are distributed in the whole country, they are renown and widely popular. We started distributing our line of frozen products last summer. Some bigger companies (Matusz-vad, Helit) already carry our products. The frozen products are sold with a one-year expiration date. Our products are already distributed in Hungary and in the surrounding countries as well (Slovakia, Austria, etc.) We offer gluten-free cookies and biscuits that taste exceptionally well with an expiration date of 3-6 months. These biscuits are available in 11 different tastes. Biscuits without filling: Darálós cookies, Darálós-cocoa cookies, Plain “Household” cookies, Seed cookies, Oat cookies with xylitol, Oat-cocoa cookies with xylitol, which due to the low carbon-hydrate content and xylitol can be eaten by people suffering diabetes too. Biscuits with filling: Chocolate-chip cookies with cocoa filling, Walnut cookies with walnut filling, Cinnamon biscuit with pear filling, Cocoa-vanilla cookies with cocoa filling, Coconut cookies with cocoa filling.

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Amurex GM Hungária Kft.





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30.10.2017 Accompanying event
30.10.2017 Matchmaking session
30.10.2017 Dinner

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We are looking for sellers and distributors who would like to trade with high-quality gluten-free bread and pastries in frozen or in protective gas packaging.


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