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Bay Zoltán Nonpforit Kft.

Bay Zoltán Nonpforit Kft.

Hungary, Budapest
Ms. Kata PÁL, International Business Development Manager

About Us

Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd. for Applied Research aims to contribute to the competitiveness and efficiency of Hungarian companies by providing services in innovation and technology transfer in cooperation with Hungarian and foreign partner institutions. We offer our customers – currently more than 200 companies – complex scientific and technological solutions in several areas of expertise. We act as innovation intermediaries through our applied R&D and technology transfer activities. As a think tank with a strong team of researchers and experts, we are able to meet the research and development needs of the industry from the conception of an idea to its realisation, at a level of expertise which is considered high even in international comparison. We participate actively in building international partnerships, networking, and EU tenders in the field of R&D and innovation. Moreover, we offer business development services as a technology incubator. We regard it as our mission to act as a catalyst in national and international projects involving exceptional levels of technology and creating high added value that are significant for the national economy as a whole, and which have the potential to contribute significantly to the well-being of society. Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd. for Applied Research, Hungary's leading applied research institution includes the Division for Biotechnology in Szeged (BAY-BIO), which was the first established organizational unit and a Divison of Engineering in Miskolc and Budapest. BAY-BIO is the only institution in Hungary that is fully devoted to industrial and environmental biotechnology, and is able to self sustain itself from this activity. Other sectors of biotechnology are represented by various institutions as well, but at present our institute is the most significant center for industrial and environmental biotechnology. Our key areas of research and development: 1.Oil industry development projects, biotechnology 2.Environmental protection microbiology and sensorics development projects 3.Biology based energy production 4.Machinery, IT, Logistics, Product and Manufacturing Technologies 5.Material Science and Technologies, Laser Technologies

Areas of Activity

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Bay Zoltán Nonpforit Kft.





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Cooperation Profiles

Since we offer complex scientific and technological solutions in 4 main areas of experties: machinery ( car industry ), energy sector ( oil and gas industry) biotechnology ( biological soil remediation) and IT/ICT ( smart solutions for AAL project in E-health, Telemedicina) we would like to find partner companies in these fields and start to discover business opportunities in the long run. OUR references are: MOL, PAKS, BOSCH, AUDI, ZF, Golder Associates, Siemens, MÁV,


joint-venture proposals


joint-venture proposals